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1973 23' new deck

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  • 1973 23' new deck

    New Member..... just purchased 1973 23' that was semi redone in 2005....Thanks to everyone for bringing this site back to life, I lurkred aroud the old site enough to get some of the basic information on the restoration processes.

    The Transom was replaced, transom fish box added , cap recored , Amrstrong bracket and 2 -150 Yamaha's added in 2005, and is in geat shape.....the original deck was not replaced and is now in bad shape.

    Plan is to cut and remove deck, with leaving a 3 " side lip of old liner/ deck to bond and glass new 1 1/2" coosa deck. replace fuel tank, cut into stringers and refoam....retab and reglass under deck as needed. So in theory, this process will raise the deck approximatly 2".

    I remember some were for raising the deck and some were against it.....dont remember the pro's and cons but I really like the Idea of new self bailing side drains and abandon the existing thru hull drain holes. My old notes say to look back at Kmoose's build for side drains and I believe Dirtwheels had a custom clamshell cover glassed in on the outside.

    Anyone have any info or old pics of this ? How wide , how tall , and what was done in the space between the liner and side hull...I assume just fill the area with thickened epoxy to bond the two.


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    Raising the deck 2" is really not necessary on the 23'. The fact you got a bracket, its not so necessarily an advantage to raise it. The big con is if your a fisherman or a tall person, your knees will be sore leaning agInst the gunwhales. I would leave the deck height & run the self bails out the transom. Find a Fellow Seacrafter with the raised deck on a 23' & go for a ride first.


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      Thanks Capt., …..I am also a Capt Chuck, and yes I am a fish man and tall. I will give that go as we do have a few 23’s in St Augustine.


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        I cut out the factory self bails & continued the existing gutter system across the transom. Installed 1" fiberglass exhaust tubing down & tied into bilge hose then to Gemlux flapper brand SS scuppers. Notice the exit height & how the boats waterline meets the scuppers. Hope this gives you an idea.


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              Thanks Capt, I assume the clear hose that tees in ….is a transom box drain ?


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                Yes. Insulated bait box/tray


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                  Completed the deck removal to the bow step up….struggling …..keep the step up and storage or go with the dance floor ?


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                    Keep it. More Storage on the go is better. Boat bags , special trip gear, beach bags, & chairs etc . More Glass work to dance? What for? The crew likes to lay down
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                      what chuck said...

                      another thing is if you like to live bait fish its a bit easier to throw a cast net from the step up platform. Not always possible or safe to stand on the cap and throw.


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                        Thanks guys....keeping the step up.

                        I see 2lb and 6lb density foam for sale ...any recomendations?

                        also any direction on what to repalce the wood inside the keel with ...I was thinking about using the Arjay ceramic transom pour and reglassing , I replaced a transom on a small whaler..... stuff is indestructable and would be great if ever did wack something


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                          We raised the one in this 23 im doing probably around 4-5". Everything's a balancing act between space for below deck compartments and where your knees end up up top (the new cap i built also added a bit of height from the original to compensate for such a raise in the stringers).

                          We deleted the big box stringers and went with 2" wide ones so we opened up all that wasted space, it wouldave been a shame not to raise it a bunch so that space can actually be used. It will be more of a nearshore rig around here and hop around the bahamas rig so the trade-off is worth it, every inch under there can be accessed and utilized.

                          Factory stringer setup i wouldnt raise it that much, maybe 2-3...

                          I would not use 1.5" coosa! It will cost a fortune and be way too heavy. 3/4" is all you need. I like a lighter foam compared to coosa, easier to work with, lighter, less expensive...

                          Ive got a mold for those clamshells if ya want a couple.


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                            As far as foam goes, 2# is fine for inside the stringers. I don't remember how much I used for the stringers, but I bought a 10 gallon kit, did the stringers and several other below deck areas and have a couple gallons left over. I'd guess it's around 5 gallons of 2# to do just the stringers.

                            Also if you haven't bought the coosa yet, I'd look into other options. I used 3/4" Nidacore for my deck with 1708 on each side. There is absolutely no flex anywhere in the deck. The only real drawback to Nidacore is everything has to be through bolted, but it should be anyways.


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                              Thanks everyone, new deck will be 3/4 coosa, my local guy has used it a lot. Plan is to glass center console to deck and only need to bolt down the TTop feet.

                              I do ask for help on approximate fuel burn for 2-150HP Yamaha 4 stroke on bracket. I believe old owner burned about 80 gallons from Ft Pearce to Grand about 110 miles, sounds a lil high ?

                              I removed 150 gal tank that was forward……all the way to the front step up ……Bahamas boat , more gas the better

                              I know tank size is a loaded ?, but thinking about 120 gallons ???

                              cut stringers and started to deform …..Stringers need some tabbing ….any one just go ahead reglass the whole interior water line bottom ?…it is a 50 year old tub


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                                Well from Jupiter inlet to West End was 73 miles, I burned 24 gallons. Oh yeah, with a full load! Single 250 Tohondasu, average speed was 28 mph.