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The Definitive SC23 Performance Thread

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  • The Definitive SC23 Performance Thread

    (Mods... please delete any comments that do not have performance data, e.g. RPM/MPH/MPG)

    I'll go first:
    Hull: 1981 SC23 with doghouse and homebuilt bracket.
    Engine: 2020 Mercury 150EFI 25"
    Prop: Enertia 15P
    Cruise: 20 knots per hour @4100 RPM,6-8GPH = 3 MPG
    Top Speed: 29.1 knots per [email protected] RPM, 14.1 GPH = 2 MPG

    A 'zuke guy told me the hull seems happiest at 27 mph, but I like 23-24 mph, boat seems to sit down between waves better. MPGs also way better, but that's probably my mini motor.

    Photos: my rig, proof I rigged my MFD correctly (e.g. stripers smashing a pod of pogies at 25ft... "find the tictacs, drop a pogie on their head.")

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    Hull: 1989 Sceptre converted to Center Console with bracket, all foam construction (very light boat) and t-top
    Engine: 2004 Yamaha F225
    Prop: Yamaha SWS 15X17
    Cruise: 26 knots at 4000 rpms; 30 knots at 4400 rpms
    Top Speed: 41 knots (47 mph for landlubbers) at 6000 rpms

    Notes: I stripped a ton of weight (probably literally) out of the boat on the rebuild. I used Polyumac products (gatorboard transom, polyester foam bulkheads and frames, honeycomb deck). The motor is a "test" to see if I completely screwed up the boat, but everything performs great and everyone that's been on it before the rebuild says it rides better light. The motor is mounted a little low, so the next time I pull it off the lift, I'll raise the motor to see if I pick up some speed. The plan is the first time I have a major problem with the motor, I'll repower with new. My fuel flow sensor is acting up, so I'll edit with gph numbers when I replace it.