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Merc 200 on a 20SF?

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  • Merc 200 on a 20SF?

    So after digesting all the info from the CSC braintrust over the years, I've been dead set on a DF140BG for my 20SF and put a deposit down on one a few months ago (or so I thought). Just came to learn that the outboard I reserved is actually the DF140B without the drive by wire. I had been pretty all-in on the drive by wire and have laid out my rigging build accordingly. It is 6 to 9 months lead time for me to switch to the BG.

    So my question is this: how big of a deal is it to hang the heavier Merc on there (475lbs instead of 425)? I know the established wisdom is that lighter is better on this boat, but I've definitely seen several Potters out there with the new Mercs. Does anyone here have any hands on experience with the heavier Merc on a 20SF?

    Some weight distribution changes I've made:
    -new 65gal tank forward by about 18"
    -Console/leaning post forward by 10"
    -Glassed and foamed a cooler in the forward seat
    -removed the splashwell and closed in transom (coosa)
    -raised deck 2.5"
    -27" setback outboard bracket w/ oversize floatation tub)

    Will she drag ass with the Merc, or will she haul ass? or both?) Am I making the drive by wire out to be cooler than it really is and should I stick with the DF140B?

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    After powering my 23' with a Yamaha 300 FBW I was disappointed to find out the FBW has a one year warranty. I never asked and ASSumed it had the same as the engine. Just FYI for ya.


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      Originally posted by Old'sCool View Post
      I was disappointed to find out the FBW has a one year warranty.
      Ya gotta ask the questions! I know a person who recently bought two 300hp FBW Zukes in December '21. He's had them in for repair because of control failure twice now, and was last month told that the engine warranty was good for 5 years, but the controls were only warranted for 1 year, including the sensors and actuators on the motor.


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        in light of what you guys are saying, and the opinions of a couple buddies who i reached out to on this subject, it seems that i'm giving FBW far too much credit. i'll be sticking with the mechanical DF140B